Services Offered

Lite duty flatbed


 Light duty towing services. Our dispatchers provide a true 24-hour service. That means you reach us, not an answering machine.

Call 24/7/365 our flat beds can handle all your needs any time day or night

Medium Duty Towing


Our medium duty towing service can handle all your needs from small rvs to large camping trailers 

Heavy Duty Towing


 Our Heavy duty towing service can handle all your needs from small rvs to trailers Tractor trailers 

Landoll Towing Service


Landoll service is available with 5 hr prior notice if you need a heavy machine transported we are here to help call for rates

Off Road Towing Service


Hey it happens you take your toy out and get stuck we can help get you out of the woods with blue our 4X4 wrecker or one of our two retired military 6x6 5 tons please call for pricing




Your automobile  is too important to trust an amateur, fly-by-night truck jockeys or unscrupulous logistics companies.


The difference, in one word, is experience. Our drivers, Dispatch staff are customer service based .


Transportation needs  fluctuate, grow, and evolve in ways you might be able to anticipate. We can help create not just a solution, but a logistics strategy.


Our towing equipment is new, state of the art and very well equipped to handle any situation that comes our way. With our 21 ft flatbeds we are able to transport any automobile and motorcycle safely and using our 4 point wheel tie downs, restrain it securely on the bed with no danger of any damage being done to the undercarriage of the vehicle. We are also able to transport a large variety of construction equipment including forklifts, generators, lighting towers etc at a moments notice. Our flatbeds are also equipped with a second car lift on the rear, enabling us to tow two vehicles at once or a vehicle and it’s trailer, should you be towing one.  Our off-road recovery truck "BLUE" is one of a kind and can pull you out of any situation, we are the only towing service in the area too offer such a vehicle we also have a 5 ton military Rotator should you get stuck we have got the truck!

Our Medium duty truck was designed and built as a multiple purpose unit, capable of towing a small passenger vehicle one minute, then a straight truck or motorhome the next. It is equipped with all of the manufacturer’s recommended towing attachments and can safely handle any vehicle within its weight range. For fleet customers, we pride ourselves on a quick response time, either to pick up a swap-out tractor or to arriving at the breakdown or accident location, thus minimizing downtime for your driver and product. We understand the need to reduce your downtime and will accommodate you accordingly.  should you need a larger wrecker our 30 ton heavy duty wrecker will do the job.

Land-all service is also available at and hourly rate with a day notice but not always needed. Which can handle most large loads and heavy duty equipment

Our pricing structure is fair and consistent, with no "hidden fees" so you, the customer are aware from the beginning what your bill will consist of. Each customer has their own rate schedule that is unique to their own business, as we recognize that no two businesses are alike. We tailor your rates to fit you, the customer.

As we all know, no-one wants to suffer a breakdown or accident, and our goal is to smooth out that unpleasant process as best as we can.

We aim to please and we strive to provide you with the best service in the industry today

  • Off-road Recovery Service
    If you find yourself stuck in the woods or just off the road we can help we have many off-road capable trucks for example military 6x6 5 Tons, 4x4 Flatbed and a 4x4 Wheel lift truck to help you recover your vehicle out of mud,sand,water 
  • Low loader flatbed service                                                                               Low clearance cars are no problem for our low loader it has a 3 degree  loading angle from Miata to a bugatti we got a solution for you in your time of need